Preselección convocatoria de Proyectos Clima 2018

El sistema patentado de tratamiento de purines DEPUPORC ha sido preseleccionado en la convocatoria del año 2018 como Proyectos Clima. Los Proyectos Clima Fondo de Carbono para una Economía Sostenible (FES-CO2) son proyectos de reducción de emisiones de Gases de Efecto Invernadero (GEI) verificadas. Actualmente existen más de 10 tipologías de proyectos para 6 sectores (agricultura y ganadería, transporte, residencial, gestión de residuos, gases fluorados e industria y minería).


Good morning!

Wasn’t that a GREAT story last week about growing sugarcane in the desert sand? I’m super proud of our venture partner, Ennesys, who successfully proved their awesome technology over a full year in Abu Dhabi. If you missed it, here’s their video. Astonishing!

Cow manure to clear water

Our Spanish licensee sent us a fascinating video. They brought raw cow manure into the lab and processed it with our test system… Clear water, right before your eyes. Click to watch:

Clear Water Emerges from Cow Manure

Wow! Scientists process raw cow manure with OriginClear's technology… Clear water emerges, free of organics, phosphorus, nitrates and ammonia.

Publicado por OriginClear en Domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Jean-Louis “JL” Kindler, President of OriginClear Technologies, reports:

“Less than 8% of the 1.4 billion tons of Europe’s livestock manure (cattle, pig and chicken) is actually treated*! Part of the reason is the need for a simple, straightforward technology.”

This is proving to be a very successful sales tool for Depurporc in Spain. I expect great results from our partner in agricultural water cleanup!

“Quadruple leverage” in last days

Are you an accredited or foreign investor?

Our highly successful private placement** is almost over. As you know, we’ve designed it with quadruple leverage, so that you can benefit from what we consider is a very bright future, without risking that future cash today.