Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves, October has come full of good news for our project. In addition to being proclaimed winners of the “IDEA 2019” Competition in the business category and being invited, for the first time, to participate in the round table organised by CEEI Aragón during Entrepreneurship Week, we have been selected to participate in the Porcinnova 2020-2021 acceleration programme.

All this stimulates and drives us to take DEPUPORC much further.

Winners of the IDEA 2019 Competition


DEPUPORC has been selected as the winner “for its high environmental competence and its approach from the circular economy with a clear commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development Objectives, also valuing the positive effect that this initiative can have on such an important industry for Aragon and Spain”.

The award was organised by the Department of Industry, Competitiveness and Business Development of the Government of Aragon, through the ¨Emprender en Aragón” Foundation.

For us it is an honour to have participated in and won a competition that rewards innovative Aragonese entrepreneurial initiatives.

Participation in the Entrepreneurship Week in Aragón

On October 27th we were invited to participate in a round table organized by CEEI ARAGÓN within the Semana del Emprendimiento en Aragón (Entrepreneurship Week in Aragón). The title of the round table was “Unity makes strength: the importance of collaboration for successful entrepreneurship”.  Other companies such as Zinnae, Ingeobras, Intergia, Arahealth, Kineactive and Balneario de Ariño also took part in it and different success stories of collaboration between companies of the BIC and the clusters of Aragon were presented.

We want to have a memory for all those entrepreneurs that in the current circumstances are not allowed to work on their initiatives.

DEPUPORC within the Porcinnova 2020- 2021 programme

We are very excited to participate in Porcinnova’s mentoring and acceleration program within the pork sector.

Porcinnova is a High Technology Incubator aimed at companies in the pork sector, a strategic sector within the Spanish agricultural food system that has assessed as our “PATENTED system of slurry residue management with resulting effluent reuse and separated solids assessment with electrocoagulation  and electro-oxidation technology”.

Porcinnova is promoted by the Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITA) and the Fundación Parque Científico Tecnológico Aula Dei, with the support of the Government of Aragón through the Department of Innovation, Research and University to which the two promoters are attached, and the Department of Rural Development and Sustainability

At DEPUPORC we will continue to work towards the environmental sustainability of this ever-expanding sector.


At Depuporc we have moved our installations to CEEI ARAGON in Zaragoza. The new headquarter is located in a space that allows us to develop our activity surrounded by other companies and technology & innovation centres.

Find us at:


c/Maria de Luna 11, Nave 5 (CEEI ARAGON)

50018 Zaragoza


Implantados en la provincia de Huesca, los equipos componentes de la primera planta de Tratamiento de Purines DEPUPORC, mediante la tecnología de Electro flotación y Oxidación Avanzada.
Esperamos recuperar agua para riego con reducciones del Nitrógeno superiores al 80% en su fase liquida previamente separada.
Seguimos avanzando.
“DEPUPORC: El compromiso de recuperar agua”.